Posted On June 7th, 2018
Here Are the Best Options to Get Rid of Your Old Car in Melbourne

When the car is old, it seems to lose its appeal to auto buyers. After all, who wants a car that offers poor fuel efficiency or one that is costly to repair. The situation

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Posted On July 31st, 2018
My Car’s Engine Is Demolished. What Do I Do with My Car in Hume?

If you have been involved in an auto collision that has left your engine demolished, you may want to consider the following advice from Prestige Car Removal. We are a leading Read More

Posted On March 20th, 2017
How To Sell Your Used Car in Melbourne in An Hour?

It is not impossible to sell your car in an hour and you can do so without incurring any expense. Think of the typical scenario: You have a car for sale. You spent hundreds of dollars on classified ads, yet the only in

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Posted On October 5th, 2018
How Can I Get Funds To Finance My New Car Purchase?

When a new car is needed, funds are needed, whether for the down payment or the entire purchase of the car. The most popular options for financing a car is taking a car loan, personal loan, borrowing from a lender or borrowing from friends and family

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Posted On November 20th, 2018
Can You Junk A Car without A Title?

Junk cars are worth cash for the metals of the vehicles. Do you need the title to junk the car? How do they determine the value of junk cars

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Posted On April 28th, 2018
What’s the Easiest Way to Junk A Car in Melbourne?

Is there an easy way to dismantle your car? Yes, there is, with Prestige Car Removal! Read on to find out just how easy it can be to dismantle your car and collect cash payment for it.

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